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Jim Maholic

Strategist | Advisor | Bestselling Author

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Amazon #1 Bestseller
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Published in 2019

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CIO Magazine

Published in 2013



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Jim Maholic has over 25 years as an IT strategist. 


He has consulted with many of the largest and most prestigious companies in North and South America across numerous industries.


Maholic's career has included two stints as a CIO, executive positions with Big Four and regional consulting firms, and leadership roles with enterprise software companies.

His professional focus has been developing IT strategies that align to clients' core strategic business objectives.

Beyond being a bestselling author, he is a complete Renaissance man, also mastering art and music.  Maholic is a nationally published sports photographer and an accomplished performing jazz musician.  Though an enthusiastic golfer, he finds it to be a maddening and humbling pursuit.



"[IT STRATEGY] is a standout in a crowded field and should become the authoritative source on the subject. 


A consistently clear and notably thorough guide to IT strategy that should be on every chief information officer’s desk."

Kirkus Reviews

" of 12 books worth reading [in 2013]."

Business Cases that Mean Business

"[In Business Cases that Mean Business] Maholic lays out the best way to analyze large scale IT projects ... this helpful tool will increase readers' confidence and competence in building business cases."

CIO Magazine

Kirkus Reviews

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IT STRATEGY recommended among the "20 best books to accelerate your digital transformation" (link)

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Oct 23, 2019 article.  How to Develop a Transformative IT Strategy (link)



July 30, 2019 Press Release.  IT Strategy a #1 Bestseller (link)

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