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Kirkus Reviews writes: "Maholic’s contribution is a standout in a crowded field and should become the authoritative source on the subject.  A consistently clear and notably thorough guide to IT strategy that should be on every chief information officer’s desk."


IT Strategy contains insights from over a dozen CIOs and enterprise technology executives across a broad industry spectrum.


The book covers such planning topics as data, technology, security, customer experience, organizational change management, IT governance, talent management, culture and industry.  Guidance on how to prepare and present your strategic plan rounds out the book.




Published in May 2019.

Available on Amazon in
paperback and Kindle formats.


Audible audiobook coming
Winter 2019.



From the back cover:


WHERE DO YOU BEGIN to create a transformative IT Strategy? 


This book steps you through all the necessary considerations for evaluating your current state and planning for a high-performing future state. IT Strategy walks readers through the process from blank whiteboard to a comprehensive IT Strategy. 


This handbook introduces a thought-provoking 3-D framework to empower any leader to develop a sound IT Strategy. The book presents technical and non-technical topics to enable readers to develop a roadmap to their desired future state. Of key interest is how the book repeatedly reminds the reader to align IT strategic planning to foundational business strategic planning and central business key performance measures.

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