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guide to communicating the value of IT projects


Kirkus Reviews writes: "Maholic lays out the best way to analyze large scale IT projects.  Maholic takes the reader an extra step to lay out highly technical aspects of business cases including benefit-realization timing, maturity modeling, ramifications of business growth, and tax considerations. 


Overall, this helpful tool will increase readers' confidence and competence in building business cases."

The book was featured in CIO Magazine in January 2014.

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Published in May 2013.

Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.

Business Cases that Mean Business steps readers through the process of identifying, calculating and communicating the value of your upcoming capital project. 


The book achieves this using the easy-to-follow H.E.A.R. method, which guides readers through the creation of a sound hypothesis, the process of gathering the right evidence from the right people, techniques for analyzing and organizing that evidence, and packaging your recommendation into a credible and compelling business case.


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